Golgappe is one of the most famous street foods in India. However, seeing the spicy, spicy gulp, it makes anyone's mouth water. But do you know that this is a street food which not only helps in changing the mouth test but also has many health benefits related to its health, perhaps you may not believe our point. Yes, if you make Golgappa, which is found on street and crossroads, and is eaten at home, then it is like nectar for stomach problems along with eliminating your obesity. To find out if Golgappas can really be beneficial for our health, we spoke to nutritionist Megha Mukhija. Megha Mukhija: Chief Dietician and Founder of Health Mania since 2016. Then he told us about its benefits. Let us also learn about this with us.

Nutritionist Megha Mukhijaji says, "We are not talking about the benefits of Golgappas available in the market, but we are talking about the benefits of homemade Golgapps and its water. Green coriander increases flatulence, increases urine output, and acts as a diuretic agent. Asafoetida, also present in water, helps to prevent periodic pain and stomach upset due to its anti-flatulence properties.

Cumin is helpful in digestion as well as to prevent odor from the mouth. Peppermint is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that help in the digestion. Calms stomach cramps and helps control acidity and is beneficial for patients with irritable bowel syndrome. Mint extract helps reduce pain and soothe pain. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help in fighting oral infections. It cleanses the nose well and gives relief from cold and cough. ''

"There is nothing wrong if whole wheat flour is used instead of semolina or flour to make golgappas." But do it in moderation only. Some changes can be made to make it rich in protein, like adding boiled gram instead of potatoes. Water can be replaced with curd. This will help you burn more calories. Some salad can be added with chutney. This way you can take it as a weight loss diet . But if you are hypertensive, then keep the salt a little less. ''

Apart from this, it helps to refresh your mood . People are often shocked and disturbed by the heat and scorching sun. During this, there is irritability and a desire to drink more and more water. If you eat homemade golgappas and drink water, you will feel absolutely refreshed